It Pays to Use Natural Gas

Visit City Hall or call (850) 584-7161 today!


City of Perry Natural Gas Incentives

As credit on utility bill

Natural Gas Water Heater (30 gal min)$200.00 each
Natural Gas Furnace (50,000 BTU min)$200.00 each
Natural Gas Stove or Range and Oven$75.00 each
Natural Gas Clothes Dryer$50.00 each
Natural Gas Fireplace or Space heaters$35.00 each

Natural gas heat is often less expensive than electric or propane heat
Enjoy the warm comforting feel of gas heat, no cold air from registers
Cook like a chef, with the infinite control and instant heat of gas
National Association of Home Builders says, homes with natural gas
command a 4 percent price premium over total electric homes

Maximum Incentive $750.00 per residence
Homeowners will receive incentive as a credit on their City utility bill
Contractors building "spec" homes will have incentives as a credit towards City issued permit fees
Incentives only available to one entity (i.e. Homeowner or Contractor, not both)
Applies to new construction as well as new addition of natural gas at existing locations.

City Lots for Homebuilding


  • 909 W. Bacon 05461-000
  • 1201 W. Drew Street 04164-010
  • 508 W. Dundee 04332-000
  • 914 N. Veterans Drive 03026-300
  • 918 N. Veterans Drive 03026-200
  • 922 N. Veterans Drive 03026-100
  • 926 N. Veterans Drive 03026-000

City has surplus lots in residential areas that it will deed to individuals who are willing to meet the requirements listed below.
Email for current list of available properties.


Minimum new home value of $75000

Construction on new home must start within one year of receiving lot.

Certificate of occupancy for new home must be within 18 months of receiving lot.

Home must be owner occupied and homesteaded property.

Home must use city natural gas for heating, water heating & cooking.

Recipient must pay all costs of property transfer ($850 plus recording fees) prior to City drafting ordinance.

Mobile homes do not qualify for program.

If conditions are not met, the property reverts back to the City.

If interested:

Compose a letter to City Council requesting property by address and that you understand all of the conditions. Letter must be received by Delois (x 112) at City Hall at least the Thursday morning before a Council meeting

Appear at Council meeting to ask Council for property and to answer any questions that Council may have.

Council meets the 2nd & 4th Tuesdays of the month at 5:30pm.

If Council approves request, an ordinance must be done to convey the property which takes two additional Council meetings.



Registration underway for ATV’s

The City of Perry has opened registration for all non-road-legal motorized vehicles (4-wheelers/dirt bikes/ATVs) per recently enacted Ordinance No. 935 adopted by the City Council. The one-time registration fee is $5.00. Registration forms are available at City Hall in the Utilities Department. Owners must include the vehicle model, VIN number, manufactures and model year. The stickers must be “clearly visible” at all times from both the front and rear of the vehicle from a distance of at least 100 feet, including when the vehicle is in operation. The Perry Police Department will start enforcing this ordinance on October 1, 2014.